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WS Joomla Subscription First Preview


This is your first look at the new WS Joomla Subscription extension. The new subscription extension features a brand new User Interface with powerful plugins and advanced subscription management.

You will be able to easily add subscription to your Joomla website and subscribe your users to Joomla user groups.

The subscription system has recurring subscription and also Paypal trials.

WS Joomla Subscription Screenshot.
WS Joomla Subscription

WS Subscription Is Completed!


I am happy to report that the new WS Subscription Extension for Joomla is completed and will be available in the store within a week. It took a lot of work rewriting the most popular subscription system for Joomla from the ground up but it was worth it.

I will post some screenshots and videos in the coming days. Stay tuned!

WordPress users, do not worry. I am creating a version for you so check back often.

WS Subscription Releasing Soon


We have been working on a brand new Joomla Subscription Component and it is nearing completion. Western Studios was the leading creator of subscriptions for Joomla and now we are ready to return.
The new system will make it very easy to offer recurring or non recurring subscription to your website.

The WS Subscription includes a very powerful plugin API allowing developers to extend the system and add their own functions.

We are using the Paypal standard subscription which makes it easy to use and integrate with your website.

Check back soon for the release date and screenshots.

Website Updated 2016


We have updated the website with a brand new theme and core, this means you will need to re register to the website.
Thanks for the support over the years, we will start adding more plugins, extensions, modules, iOS app and more to the website.
This year will bring a lot of new changes to the website and many more tutorials.


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