Joomla Check If Super Admin


In this tutorial, we will check that the logged in user has super admin rights, this work in Joomla 3 and above.

Joomla Add New User With Code


In this tutorial I will teach you how to add a new user to Joomla 3 and above using Joomla core classes.

Step 1.
Most cases you would retrieve the user details from a post such as the username, email and password. This tutorial I will manually add some demo user details..

$realname = 'Jake Test';
$username = 'jake';
$email    = '';
$password = 'password';     

Step 2.
Include Joomla 3 user helper file.


Step 3.
Build an array to store your user data. I used the variable named $udata to store the user details

			  $udata = array(

Step 4.
Other than the obvious, the thing to note here is the groups key in the array. I have it storing some default groups, which is guest and registered, you can also add additional group ids to the array if needed.

The final step is to get a new user object and bind the data array. This will use Joomla core classes to properly store the new user and we can retrieve the user id

     $user = new JUser;
        //Write to database
	if(!$user->bind($udata)) {
		throw new Exception("Could not bind data. Error: " . $user->getError());
	if (!$user->save()) {
		 throw new Exception("Could not save user. Error: " . $user->getError());
     $new_user_id = $user->id;

Now you can easily add a new user to your Joomla 3 and above with php codes. If you find this tutorial helpful and have any questions, please post a comment below.

Check If Super Admin


While developing my subscription software for Joomla, I found it very difficult to find a solution for determining the super admin. It turns out it was actually a simple solution and this tutorial will show you how to do that.

$user = JFactory::getUser();//first get the logged in user

if($user->get('usertype') =='Super Administrator')://Now check their user type

   // This user is super admin


  // Not super so kick them out!


That’s it. Now you should be able to get your user admin level. Consider leaving a comment.

Check if user logged in


This simple tutorial will show you how to check if a user is logged in.

if( is_user_logged_in() ) {
    // The user is logged in. Do something here
} else{
    // This is a guest. Do something here

Add New User to Joomla 2.5.+ and Joomla 3+ from external file


Adding new user to Joomla from external file has been one of my popular tutorial but it was not complete since I did not provide the entire codes for the external file. In this tutorial, I will include the entire snippet to add a new user to Joomla. The code includes two sets of includes, one for Joomla 3.0+ and another for lesser version.

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