Install And Configure WS Joomla Subscription

Thank you for purchasing the new WS Subscription extension for Joomla. This release marks a return to the most widely and popular Joomla subscription extension.
Installing our extension is really easy and you will be up and running within 10 – 15 minutes

Step 1
Use the Joomla extension installer to install the WS Joomla Subscription. This will install the subscription extension, a module, plugins and libraries. Figure 1 below.
WS Subscription Install 1

Step 2
Visit the newly installed ws subscription and click on the Plugins side menu link pictured below.
WS Subscription Install 2

Click the plg_system_ws_subscription_expire plugin and enable.
Revisit the Plugins side menu and click the Paypal plugin to configure. Enter your Paypal business email, enable/disable sandbox and set your currency. Enable the plugin and save.

The subscription system is now installed and ready to use. Create a menu item to the Subscription and optional My Subscription menu which allows users to view their active subscription and past payments.

The next step is setting up your subscription plans.

Setting Up Subscription Plans

The WS Joomla Subscription uses the Joomla groups to subscribe users to your website. Create or use a Joomla user group that only subscribers would become a member. You can create multiple user groups since the subscription system allows you to create many different plans.

Step 1
Click the subscription plans menu link pictured below then click the green ‘New’ button.
Enter a title, the initial and actual price and select the subscription period. You can add optional trials and also be sure to enter a description for the plan. Click Save.

ws subscription link

My Subscription Module

We have included a module that displays the user’s active subscription pictured below. Add the module and active if needed.

my subscription module

Enjoy using the WS Joomla Subscription extension!

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