Joomla Flip Clock Module

Installing the Joomla Flip Clock Module is pretty easy.

Step 1.
Install the zip file using Joomla extension install.

Step 2.
The installer will create a module that is unactivated named WS Count Down. Go to the Module manager and click to edit the new module.

Setting up the module.

  • Set the Event Date and Time, this will be the time the clock counts down to.

Advanced Settings

  • Check ‘Yes’ to load jQuery only if you are using an older version of Joomla <3.0 or your template does not include jQuery
  • Select a theme for the countdown clock.
  • Select the clock type. This can be countdown in Days, Hours or just Minutes.

Thats’ it. Remember to set your module to Published and place it in an ideal position within your theme.

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