jQuery Add Multiple Handlers To Selector

This tutorial I will show you how to add multiple handlers to a selector such as a class or id in jQuery.
In this example I a need to attach mouseover and click events to an image.

Step 1
Add the following image to your page

<img src="link_to_your_image" class="photo" />

Step 2
Add the following jquery code that will give you both handlers to use.

    mouseenter: function() {
        alert("Mouse over item");
        // Add your codes here
    mouseleave: function() {
        alert("Mouse left item");
        // Add your codes here
    click: function() {
        alert("Item clicked");
        // Add your codes here
}, ".photo");

Save your file, you should now mouse over your link to see the alerts and then click on the link to see the final alert.

That’s it. Leave a comment below or follow us on Twitter for more tutorials.

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